The Future of Marketing

Digital Marketing Executed by Artificial Intelligence & Powered by Pure Research.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

- John Wanamaker "Father of Advertising"

AI is Changing Advertising & Marketing for the Better


51% of eCommerce players have implemented automation technologies across sales, marketing, and customer service teams to ensure a seamless user experience for customers.


Marketing Leaders agree mobile technologies (like chatbots) have caused the biggest change in how their customers and prospects interact with them. In 2020, chatbots responded to 85% of customer service interactions.

Marketing Success

Marketing and sales departments prioritize AI technology and machine learning for their success more than any other department.

Netflix’s AI Recommendation Engine is Worth $1 Billion Per Year.

How Does AI Improve Marketing?

Dynamic Creative Testing

With so much information & content consumed by people today, creating relevant content is key to any successful marketing campaign.

Previously advertisers would organically test strategies using their intuition or “gut feeling” to measure the effectiveness of a strategy. However, this is incredibly hard to do effectively & requires constant tinkering for success.

AIs like, Facebook’s Advertising AI, are able to dynamically suggest content to users based on what it already knows about them. Everything from their engagement history, posting habits, interests, & even how they react to other ads! AI is able to perform, measure, & analyze an infinite number of dynamic tests to better understand an audience group to create the highest ROAS in the shortest amount of time.

Hyper-Audience Targeting

Advertisers constantly struggle with creating the perfect target audience for the highest ROAS. The problem is most advertisers are unable to effectively manage all the testing, refining, & optimizing that is required to test a wide pool of demographics.

AI on the other hand is working with every piece of incoming audience data to adjust bids, refine interest groups, & optimize audience targeting for the highest ROAS. These artificial campaign managers are able to make thousands of updates every day to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign. Something the human element simply can’t compete with.

Instant Customer Communication

Consumers nowadays need instant communication. In the society we live in today, instant gratification has become paramount. Thus, when creating an effective marketing funnel customer support is essential for increasing conversions. 

AI allows for instant communication between brand & potential lead. Best of all, with programmatic responses advertisers can build complex flows to assist customers, drive sales, or notify an admin. Allowing for a 24/7 Customer Support Representative for little to no cost!

Minimizes Budget Waste

AI offers a fully automated, 24/7, virtual, campaign managing service for a fraction of the cost of a marketing expert. Not only that, AI is always processing incoming data in real-time to actively adjust bids for the highest campaign performance. AI never sleeps, so you can be rest assured your ad spend is always being effectively managed no matter what.

Powered by Pure Research

Marketing AI Powered by Pure Research

In order to create the most intelligent AI for marketing & advertising, we feed our AI data collected from in-depth Market Research studies powered by Pure Research.

What better way to train AI on current marketing trends than in-depth market research on the biggest brands in the industry.

Pure Research uses AI & machine learning to interpret market research data into useable information for advertisers and marketers.

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